sunset on samara beach

Playa Samara: Word travels fast

Less than 15 years ago it was so difficult to reach this town that few had heard of it.

Ever since the Tempisque Bridge and Liberia Airport were built a steady stream of friendly visitors have been spreading the word.

Samara is a great place to visit and for many an even better place to return.

Experience why so many people return to this town year after year.

Thanks to the many restaurants, tourist amenities, and authentic Costa Rican vibe Playa Samara seems to create fans more than just host visitors.

A great location for families, beach bums, and the beginning surfer it’s easy to see why so many people keep returning.

A safe beach for swimming hidden on the Pacific surfing coast.

Situated on a half moon bay facing south towards Isla Chora in the Pacific Ocean, Playa Samara is loved by Costa Ricans due to the mellow waves and long stretch of beach.

The waves are safe for people of all ages and skill levels. There are no rip tides or rocks, and hardly ever large waves. The difference between high and low tide striking as over 100ft of extra beach is revealed as the tide goes out.

The perfect size for getting around and getting fed.

The town of Samara is mid-sized for Pacific beach towns in Costa Rica. Small enough that you can get anywhere locally by foot, but a large enough array of good restaurants that you won’t get bored eating out.

We have lived here almost 8 years and haven’t bought a car yet.

Plenty of activities by land or sea.

Samara provides plenty of water activities like surfing, kayaking, stand up paddle boards, snorkeling, fishing, and dolphin watching.

Out of the water Samara is home to one of the most well reviewed guided hikes in Costa Rica. Alvaro of Samara Trails is eager to teach you all about the tropical dry forest while showing off the natural beauty of the land that has been a part of his family for years.

Other activities include zip lining through the forest canopy, horseback riding, river kayaking, birding, and turtle nesting tours to learn about the local Olive Ridley turtles that always return to the beach they hatched on to lay their own eggs.

Of course, another popular activity is sipping cold drinks on the beach and taking in the great sights.

People are not alone, there are plenty of furry, feathered, and scaly friends around.

Samara and many parts of Costa Rica are fortunate to still have active groups of howler monkeys passing through. Sharing the trees with the howlers are loads of nocturnal creatures, tropical birds, and massive iguanas.

Tropical fish are visible for snorkelers at the nearby reef, dolphins are constantly patrolling the coastline, and in season turtles nest nearby and whales migrate past the bay.